Grilled halloumi salad (v) – R120
Moroccan couscous, summer vegetables topped with grilled halloumi and pecan nuts.

Chicken Loaded Fries – R120
French fries, chicken strips, jalapeno and cheddar cheese served with a ranch dressing.

Grilled calamari salad – R110
Calamari strips on a bed of salad greens served with tartar sauce.

Nacho board – R145
Nacho’s, guacamole, cheddar cheese, tomato salsa, sliced jalapenos, sour cream, served with your choice of chicken or Falafel.

Potato waffle – R120
Crispy potato waffle, pulled beef ragout, chargrilled zucchini served with a béarnaise sauce.

Trio of mini burger – R125
Mini chicken, beef, and rib burgers served with chips.

Cauliflower chili bite – R85
Spicy fried cauliflower heads served with a dipping sauce.

Chicken basket – R160
Chicken skewers, chicken strips, chicken wings, French fries served with a choice of sweet chili or Tika dipping sauce.

Pork basket – R170
Ribs, cheese griller, pork skewer served with French fries.

Veg basket – R165
Tempura brinjal and zucchini chips, jalapeno resole, panko mozzarella sticks and French fries.

Prego roll – R160
Spicy beef strips, caramelized onions, fried egg, and French fries.

Hake and chips – R135
Your choice of Grilled or battered hake served with potato fries and a tartare sauce.


All our quesadillas served with French fries.

BBQ chicken, mozzarella, cheddar cheese. – R120.00

Savory beef mince, mozzarella, cheddar cheese. R130.00

Chicken Wings – R105
Fried chicken wings served with French fries and a creamy ranch dressing.

Bunny chow – R190
Traditional Durban lamb curry served in a mini loaf with sambals and carrot salad .

Steak and egg – R130
200g sirloin steak topped with fried egg served with French fries.

Ribs – R245
500g spareribs served with French fries and corn on cob.

Chicken and mayo – R75
Roasted chicken fillet and mayo, your choice of bread served with French fries.

Grilled steak sandwich – R95
Grilled beef, caramelized onion, mozzarella, your choice of bread served with French fries.

Bacon, Cheese and Egg – R80
Bacon, Cheese, Egg, your choice of bread served with French fries.

Cheese and tomato – R70
Mozzarella and tomato, your choice of bread served with French fries.

All burgers are served with French fries.

Lamb Burger – R120
Lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, mayonnaise, cheddar cheese and onion marmalade served on a seeded bun.

Beef smash burger – R160
200g beef patty, Jalapeno, bacon, dill cucumber, cheddar cheese served on a seeded bun.

Rib and bacon burger – R120
Grilled boneless ribs, charred bacon, lettuce, creamy mayonnaise ,slice of pineapple, served on a seeded bun

Pecan double chocolate brownies – R80
Chocolate brownies with candied pecan served with chocolate ice cream.

Waffle stack – R60
Belgium waffle stack with four scopes of ice cream finished with maple syrup and powdered sugar.

Vanilla ice cream – R60
Four scopes of ice topped with a chocolate flake.

Chocolate cigar – R60
Chocolate mousse stuffed cigar coated with nut sprinkles.


Peri Peri chicken livers – R100
Grilled chicken livers in creamy sauce served toasted bruschetta.

Beetroot and goat cheese salad – R120
Roasted beetroot wedges, rocket, toasted pecan nuts, goats cheese mousse and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Bone marrow – R75
Marrow bone topped with cream cheese served with golden brown brioche bread.

Poached pear salad – R110
Red wine poached pear, crisp rocket, blue cheese dressing, sprinkled with toasted pecan nuts.

Roasted Butternut and halloumi salad – R120
Roasted butternut wedges, panko crumbed halloumi cheese, lentils, chickpeas, toasted seeds and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Mussel Pot – R165
New Zealand half shell mussel in a creamy velouté sauce served with toasted bread.

Ox liver – R110
Creamy Peri Peri ox liver served with toasted bruschetta and crispy onion rings.

Asian beef noodles salad – R115
Tataki beef skewer on a bed of Asian style stir-fry vegetables, egg noodles, toasted sesame seeds.

All pastas are served with chopped chilies, crushed garlic and parmesan cheese.

Chicken pasta – R175
Tender apricot glazes chicken skewers served on a bed of creamy lasagna with basil oil and parmesan cheese.

Prawn Pasta – R220
Your choice of penne or tagliatelle.
Grilled tiger prawns in a creamy béchamel sauce, white wine reduction, and shallots.

Spinach and feta cannelloni (v) – R170
Cannelloni filled with butternut, feta and spinach in a creamy napolitana sauce and parmesan cheese.

Catch of the day (based on availability) – R250
Grilled catch of the day served with creamy mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables with creamy lemon and garlic sauce.

King prawns – R330
12 king prawns in lemon butter sauce with savory rice or fries.

Sole Thermidor – R275
Grilled sole with creamy mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables served with creamy mussel sauce.

Calamari steak – R195

Grilled calamari steak served with garlic lemon butter and fries.

Chow Mein
Served with egg noodles and stir-fry vegetables.

Pork belly | R165.00
Prawn | R235.00

Sirloin steak – R195
300g Swiss trimmed sirloin steak in our signature basting sauce served with seasonal vegetables and chips.

Pork loin chops – R180
Honey-mustard glazed grilled pork loin chops, roasted sweet potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a sprinkle of Wasabi dust.

Lamb shank – R310.00
500g lamb shank, honey glazed butternut wedges, couscous served with a red wine gravy.

Ribeye – R310
400g ribeye, topped with a beef marrow bone, roasted sweet potato wedges and broccoli.

Lamb chops – R260
300g grilled lamb chops, minted mashed potatoes, roasted vegetable served with red wine gravy.

Eisbein – R195
Crispy Eisbein, roasted sweet potatoes and sauerkraut.

Fillet of beef – R285
250g beef fillet served with potato gratin and a mushroom jus.

Steak and kidney Pie – R245
A modern twist on a true British classic, slow braised beef, beef kidneys, onion, mushroom, topped with flaky puff pastry, served with peas and creamy mashed potatoes.

500g Beef short rib – R235
6 hours slow cooked short rib, creamy mashed potatoes, root vegetables in red wine gravy.

Roasted Cauliflower (v) – R120
Roasted cauliflower served with hummus and a chimichurri sauce.

Stuffed Zucchini boats (v) – R120
Baked zucchini boats, filled with curried soya mince, potato puree topped with mozzarella cheese.


1kg Pork spareribs served with grilled chimichurri corn on cob and fries.

500g Pork spareribs served with grilled chimichurri corn on cob and fries

Slow roasted pork belly. – R165
Slow roasted pork belly served with roasted sweet potato wedges, grilled baby marrow, served with a fresh apple and ginger slaw.

Lamb curry – R245
Traditional Durban lamb curry on the bone served with rice, sambals, chutney and poppadum.

Vegetable curry – R115
Traditional home style vegetable curry served with rice, sambals, chutney and poppadum

Poached pear – R60
Cardamom and ginger cake topped with a rooibos poached pear served with a light whipped chantilly cream.

Mille-feuille – R50
Layers of puff pastry filled with dark chocolate mousse cream, light pastry cream, dusted with icing sugar, fresh fruits.

Passion fruit cheesecake – R50
Passion fruit cheesecake with a coconut biscuit base, topped off with a luscious granadilla filling.

Pecan nuts double chocolate brownies. – R80
Chocolate brownies with candied pecan nuts, served with chocolate ice cream.

Strawberry Panna cotta – R50
Strawberry panna cotta served with mixed berries.

Ice cream. – R60
Four scoops of Vanilla ice cream served with a vanilla and coconut twirl.

Chocolate cigar – R60
Chocolate mousse cigar, crunchy nut sprinkles.


Bacon Mac and cheese
Creamy macaroni, bacon and cheese finished with panko crumbs

Meat loaf
150g beef meat loaf with mash, green beans, and caramelized bacon bits.

Bangers and mash
100g pork banger, mushroom sauce, and mash.

Chicken tenders
Panko crumbed chicken tenders with potato fries and salad.

Chicken frankfurter with potato fries

100g Patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sesame bun.

Hot dogs
Two mini hot dogs with chips

Slow cooked mince in tomato-based sauce with spaghetti

Sweet Treats

Waffles and Ice cream
Topped with Marple syrup

Trio of Ice cream

Two chocolate doughnuts with assorted sprinkle


Leopard leaps

Semi sweet – R70.00

Tropical fruit with hints of citrus and lemon.

Dry white – R70.00

Fresh and zesty with upfront citrus notes and a hint of elegant pear, buttery biscuit, and lime aroma

Dry red – R70.00

Prominent red fruit aromas of raspberry and cherries. Subtle sweet oak flavours compliment the fresh fruit flavours.

Sauvignon Blanc

Durbanville Hills – R245.00

Medium-bodied wine with subtle citrus and tropical fruit on the palate ending with a long, lingering finish.

Alvis Drift – R200.00

Sparkling bright and pale straw in colour, this wine offers intense aromas of gooseberry and granadilla. It is well balanced with crisp acidity and has a clean, refreshing palate with fruit following through.

Du toits Kloof – R245.00

complex variety of fruity flavours including gooseberry, pear, and notes litchi with a hint of asparagus. This is an off dry wine which is full bodied and is perfectly balanced on the palate, which is smooth with a lingering, crisp finish.

Porcupine Ridge – R180.00

Gooseberry and tropical fruit flavours dominate with a moderate mid-palate weight. Firm fresh acidity and a bone-dry finish

Chenin Blanc

Arum Field – R180.00

Subtle tropical fruit dominated by ripe yellow peaches, quince, guava, and white pear on the nose. Elegant and well-balanced structure with loads of tropical fruit on the pallet

Van Loveren – R211.00

A highly aromatic wine with full mouthfeel and distinct tropical flavours. The well-rounded palate ends in a crisp, dry finish.

Spier – R248.00

This Chenin Blanc is both crisp and fruity with green guava, pear, apple, and hints of litchi on the nose. A well-balanced palate.


Durbanville Hills – R235.00

This soft, easy-drinking wine holds an abundance of yellow peaches, pineapple and grapefruit that ends with a sweet sensation.

Fat Bastard – R270.00

The wine shows classic ripe, rich butter and tropical fruit on the nose and soft, well integrated vanilla on the palate. Remarkably full bodied.

Krone Nectar – R500.00

Complex flavours of jasmine, honeycomb, quince, melon, and tarte tatin. The cleansing acidity is in balance with the elegant, richness of the dosage and autolytic layering.

Pongracz Brut – R460.00

Crisp green apple notes and nuttiness of freshly baked bread are prevalent on the nose. On the palate, delicate yeasty tones, layered with toast and ripe fruit are enlivened by a firm mousse and persistent bead that make it particularly attractive.

Pongracz Rose – R570.00

Delicate strawberry tones are layered with whiffs of baked bread. On the palate it is perfectly balanced with clean acidity and juicy blackberry fruit

Laborie Classic Brut – R453.00

This pale straw coloured Methode Cap Classique shows a vibrant intensity yet remains elegant and fine in style. On the nose it shows slight perfume and berry aromas with hints of subtle yeastiness and brioche

Moet & Chandon NV – R1950.00

Time honoured quality from the House of Moët. Delicate fruit on the nose explodes as a mouthful of strawberry sherbet. Fabulous appetizer

Veuve Yellow label – R2250.00

The first sip delivers a symphony of tastes, and the lingering aromas echo with each distinct fruit or spice note.

JC La Domaine- R235.00

This is a delightful sparkling wine that comes alive on the palate. It has all the finesse and freshness of a Sauvignon Blanc intertwined with the gentle sweetness of the Muscadel while keeping its crisp youthfulness intact.

JC La Chanson – R235.00

This lively, ruby-red sparkling wine reveals a delightful mélange of sweet, fruity flavours suggesting hints of strawberry and plum.

JC La Domaine- Non-Alcoholic – R235.00

It has all the finesse, crisp freshness, and gentle sweetness of J.C. Le Roux Le Domaine, but in a non-alcoholic alternative that allows you to have an extra glass.

Cab Sav

Warwick First lady – R300.00

A vibrant, rich, ripe blackcurrant and plum fruit to sit front and centre. Aged in seasoned oak to give the wine time to integrate whilst ensuring nothing obscures that fresh profile of black fruit, berry compote, and dark chocolate.

Excelsior – R235.00

Ripe blackcurrant, and dried herb characters on the nose, which are backed up with some spicy oak notes.

Protea – R215.00

Warm appeal of ripe blackberry, cherry, and fruitcake aromas. Those same flavours step confidently onto the palate; black cherry, fruitcake, and blackberry – with a light brush of herbs

Ken Forrester – R195.00

A youthful wine showing fresh ripe mulberries and plums with a spicy undertone. A soft, rich, and fruit-driven wine.


Beyers Kloof – R270.00

Beautifully balanced with strong dark fruit flavours, some herbs, and a dash of smokiness, this densely coloured Pinotage has been made for early drinking.

Backsburg – R320.00

Ripe mulberry and sweet strawberry flavours are complimented by subtle undertones of dried herbs. This Pinotage has a juicy mouthfeel with supple, sweet tannins.

Spier – R270.00

Beautiful, perfumed notes of black cherry, forest berries and subtle allspice lead to a smooth, rounded mid-palate with balanced acidity and a lingering, fruity aftertaste.


Porcupine Ridge – R195.00

Notes of red and dark berry fruits like cherry, redcurrant, and ripe plum, complemented by the delicate scent of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and dried herbs.

Du toits Kloof – R220.00

Alluring aromas of blueberry and mulberry supported by undertones of cassis. Blueberries and mulberries join coffee flavours to produce a well-structured, velvety soft wine.


Stellenbosch hills shiraz – R235.00

a classic red fruit and heathery spice combine with flavours of freshly turned earth, wood-smoke and fragrant milled pepper.

Protea Shiraz – R212.00

Appealing plum-, black fruit- and spice aromas with a soft smoky nuance. Bright, juicy entry to the mouth with the same black fruit, plum- and spice flavours apparent

Red blend

Alto rouge – 305.00

This rare combination of aristocratic varietals, produced exclusively in extraordinary vintages, encapsulates the thread of family, tradition, and quality that has flowed through this brand for over a century.

KWV Rooderberg – R275.00

This famous red blend shows aromatic layers of fresh red fruit, cassis, and dark fruit with an undertone of spices and dark chocolate. The palate is elegant and soft with nuances of cedary oak and dark plums.