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Swedish Massage Therapy

The Most traditional form of Western massage. It is a relatively gentle form of massage,
focused on the body’s superficial layers.

Swedish Back Massage 30min | R550
Swedish Back Massage 45min | R700
Swedish Full Body Massages 60 min | R850


Aromatherapy Massage

The practice of using natural oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being.

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage 60min | R950
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage 90min | R1 280


Hot Stone Massage

Treatment focuses on the application of heated stones on the body, to relieve tension in
the muscles and repair damaged soft tissues.

Hot Stone Full Body Massage 60min | R950
Hot Stone Full Body Massage 90min | R1 280


CBD Wellness Massage

CBD infused oils will be incorportated at key points during your treatment, targeting
areas of discomfort. CBD is a non-intoxicating chemical found in Cannabis.

CBD Wellness Massage 60min | R950
CBD Full Body Massage 90min | R1 280


Deep Tissue Massage

A massage practice that is used to treat musculoskeletal problems such as strains and
injuries. Sustained pressure is applied and targets the inner layers of your muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage 60min | R1 150


Pregnancy Massage

A prenatal use of massage therapy to support the physiology, structural and emotional
well-being of both mother and baby.

Pregnancy Full Body Massage 60min | R1 250


Lava Shell Massage

The heat from the Lava Shells along with deep tissue pressure point massage, eases
away muscle tension and restores a sense of balance to the body and mind.

Lava Shell Full Body Massage 60min | R1 000
Lava Shell Full Body Massage 90min | R1 300


Babor Massage

Energizing Body Massage 60 min R950
Shaping Body Massage 60 min R950


Indian Head Massage

Focuses on massaging acupressure points along the head, neck and shoulders.
Improves hair and scalp condition.

Indian Head Massage 30min | R550


Pressure Point Foot

Focuses on specific points on the foot, that when pressed, brings the relief of pain and
other illnesses.

Pressure Point Foot Massage 30min | R550
Pressure Point Foot Massage 45min | R700

Facial - Theravine

Hydrating Facial – 60 min – R900


Balancing Facial 60 min R950

A deep-cleansing facial to gently remove surface impurities using a customised purifying

mask while specially selected aromatic botanicals restore balance to the skin.


Men Active Daily Facial 60 min R920

3 key fundamentals: cleanse, hydrate and revitalise help restore freshness and clarity whilst leaving the skin comfortably soothed.


Deluxe Anti-Ageing Facial – 60 min – R1000


Deluxe Anti-Ageing Facial – 90 min – R1150


UltraVine Advance Cellular Gold Facial 90 min – R1200


De-Polluting Radiance Repair Facial 60 min – R1250



Babor Facial

Calming Express Facial 30 min – R650

Balancing Express Facial 30 min – R650

Classic Express Facial 30 min – R650

Vitalizing Classic Facial 60 min – R1000

Moisturizing Classic Facial 60 min – R1000

Babor Men Facial 60 min – R900

HSR Facial  –  90 min R2000

TheraPro Peel  – 60 min R1300

Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic Treatments

Consultation 45 min (free) / R400 when the client hasn’t committed to the treatment program by taking the prescribed first initial pharmacosmeceautical treatment preparation.

Skin Treatments

Skin Extractions 30 min from R350


Collagen Induction Therapy from R450


Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation 60 min – R800


Ice Globe Calming Treatment 60 min – R900


High Frequency Skin Treatment 60 min – R800


Plasma Pen – Wart or Mole removal 30 – 60min – from R400 depending on the size of the area to be treated.


TheraVine Professional Peel 30min – R800


TheraVine Micro – Dermal Needling Treatment 45min – R1350


Babor TheraPro Peel 60 min – R1500


Anti-Ageing MesoGlow Facial 60 min – R1300


Lava Shell Facial 60 min – R1000



60 min – from R800 depending on the area to be treated and the size of the treatment area.

– Aging & Sagging Skin

– Poor Skin Texture

– Pigmentation Disorder

– Acne Scars

– Stretchmarks & Flat Scars

– Hair Loss

– Cellulite

Body Treatments

Underarm Brightening Peel 30 min – R700


Back Chemical Peel Treatment 60 min – R2000

Eye Treatments

Under Eye Chemical Peel Treatment 30 min – R650


Under Eye Rejuvenation Treatment 45min – R800

Feminine Treatment

Vajacial 60 min – R850

Hair Treatment

Folliculitis Treatment 60 min – R950


Beard Stimulation Treatment 60min -R1200


Hair Line Stimulation Treatment 60min – R1500

Lip Treatment

Lip Volumizing Treatment 45 min – R1000


Express Manicure/ Express Pedicure 30 min R400

Treatment for instant transformation of nails, done within 30 minutes.


Deluxe Manicure/ Deluxe Pedicure 60 min R600

This treatment, involves soaking, scrubbing and massaging.

Additional sequence includes foot mask, paraffin wax and massage. It is a more

luxurious treatment.


Gelish Overlay 45 min R500

Gelish overlay is a product applied over the top of the natural nail to give it shape and

structure. Gelish overlay does not extend the nail or give it any length.


Soak- Off Gelish 30 min R170

The removal of Gelish product, session lasting 30 min or less.


Soak- Off Acrylic or other product 60 min R320

The removal of acrylic or other products from the nail, session lasting more than 30 minutes.


Nail Fix per nail/toenail 30-60min R100

Each nail or toenail is treated individually based on the requirements of the client. Gelish /

Nail polish re-application. If nail smudge occurs once the client has left the Lagoon Spa

premises, it will be charged as a nail fix.


A great way to manage hair growth on the body, for those who wish to

remove excessive or small amounts of hair.


Lip or Brow or Chin 15 min R170
Underarm or Sides of Face 20 min R230
Full Face Wax 30 min R380
Bikini Wax or Half Arm Wax 25 min R240
Brazilian Wax 40 min R380
Hollywood Wax 45 min R450
Half Leg Wax or Full Arm Wax 30 min R360
Full Leg Wax 45 min R500
Back or Chest Wax 45 min R480


The application of semi-permanent dye to enhance the shape and

define the brows and lashes.


Tint Lash & Brow 30 min R250
Tint Lashes 25 min R200
Tint Brow 15 min R180

Babor Spa

Salt Oil Peeling & Algae Cream Wrap 60 min R1800
Salt Oil Peeling & Massage 90 min R1500
The Ocean Body Experience Face & Body Experience 150min R2800
In Shape Body Treatment 60 min R1750


Indoor pool, Sauna or Jacuzzi 30min | R150


Half Day Package 4hour 30 min R3850

Welcome drink

Bath Ceremony 30 min

30 min express manicure

30min express pedicure

30 min exfoliation and

30 min body wrap 

Body Massage (Swedish/Aromatherapy/ Hot Stone) 60 min
Lagoon Spa Facial 60 min


Full Day Package 6hour 30 min R5 500

Welcome drink
Bath Ceremony 30 min

 30 min exfoliation and

30 min body wrap 

30 min Indian Head Massage

30 min Pressure Point Foot Massage

Body Massage (Swedish/Aromatherapy/Hot stone/ Lava Shell/CBD/Deep Tissue)
Healthy Lunch
Lagoon Spa Facial 60 min
Deluxe Spa Manicure 60 min
Deluxe Spa Pedicure 60 min


Gentleman’s Exclusive Package 2hour 30 min R3000

Deep Tissue Massage or Hot Stone Massage 60 min
Indian Head Massage or Pressure Point Foot Massage 30 min
Lagoon Spa Facial 60 min


Mother To-Be Package 2hour 30 min R2250

Pregnancy Massage 60 min
Deluxe Spa Pedicure 60 min
Express Manicure 30 min


Couple’s Package 2hour 30 min R3900

Swedish Massage 60 min
Lagoon Spa Facial 60 min
Express Pedicure 30 min

Kids (8 To 12)

We love kids, however it is extremely challenging to accommodate children below the

age of 8, as most of them are to young to understand what is going on as well as don’t

always abide by the spa etiquette. We are able to accommodate ages 8 – 12.


Mini Full Body Massage 30 min R450

Head & Foot Massage 30 min R450

Mini Facial 30 min R550
Mini Manicure 30 min R350
Mini Pedicure 30 min R350
Jazzy Hands & Feet 30 min R300

Teens (13 To 18)

Full Body Massage 60 min R650
Head & Foot Massage 60 min R650
Teen Facial 60 min R700
Express Manicure 30 min R400
Express Pedicure 30 min R400

Gym Memberships

Gym facilities may be used free of charge for hotel guests and for individuals
booked in at the Lagoon Day Spa & Wellness Centre for treatments that day.
Gym is accessible to adults over the age of 15.
16-17 year olds to be accompanied by an adult.
Strictly no children allowed inside the gym.


Monthly membership fee | R450 per month


Daily membership fee | R100 per day


Weekly membership fee | R550 per week
Special Offer


Sign up for a 12 month contract and receive two months’ free gym membership


San Lameer Estate Residents

10% discount off gym membership and spa treatments for San Lameer Estate Residents

Spa Etiquette

Spa Arrival |

Arriving late, may make it necessary to limit time for your treatment, so that the next guest is not
delayed. Please arrive 15 before scheduled time.


Spa Environment |

Spa environment is one of tranquility and relaxation. Please respect all Spa guests’ right to privacy
and serenity. All family members under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and are not permitted to use hydro facilities on their own. Please turn off cellphones on arrival at the spa.


Health Matters |

We do not recommend the consumption of alcohol before, during or directly after spa treatments.


Spa Attire |

We will provide you with gowns, slippers and disposable underwear. Should you wish to book the hydro
facilities please bring your swimwear with you. Therapists will always use draping techniques to respect your privacy.


Valuables |

We provide a secure place to store your personal items inside, the spa locker rooms. However we do not
assume any liability for personal items, and recommend you leave your valuables in the safe in your hotel room.


Cancellation policy |

The treatments you select are reserved especially for you. Guests will be charged 100%
cancellation fee for treatments cancelled less than 24 hours from scheduled appointment time.


Refunds and Returns |

Treatments and packages are non- refundable, non-transferrable and may not be exchanged
for other treatment. For hygiene reasons, products purchased may not be returned or exchanged.